New Delhi: Almost six months into Rahul Gandhi’s winking episode in Parliament, Congress President was spotted doing the same in the Lower House during a heated debate on the Rafale deal on Friday. The incident took place when Deputy Speaker of the house M Thambi Durai, standing in front of Rahul Gandhi, was making his submissions.

During an applause, Gandhi, was seen craning his neck at a party member sitting behind him, while delivering a wink.

Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Amit Malviya slammed Rahul Gandhi for the wink. The BJP leader said in a tweet,” ‘winks’ again… This time during the all serious debate on #Rafale. He surely needs help!”

Earlier in July, after ending his speech during a raging debate on No-Confidence Motion between the ruling National Democratic Alliance and the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi moved across the floor to hug Prime Minister Narendra Modi before later winking at a party colleague. (Also Read: PM Modi is Not Corrupt, no One Has Right to Call Him ‘Chor’, Says Nirmala Sitharaman)

On Friday, during a debate in Lok Sabha, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman dismissed all allegations of corruption in the Rafale fighter jet deal and said it was “far better on every count” on pricing, processes and other factors and hit back at the Congress saying while the Bofors deal was a scam, the Rafale deal would bring Narendra Modi back to power in the coming elections.

In a spirited two-and-half hour reply in the Lok Saba to a debate on the deal in which she gave as much as she received from the opposition, she said Congress dilly-dallied on the deal and did not conclude it for over 10 years, putting national security to jeopardy while the BJP government finalised the deal in 14 months.

The reply came on a day when Congress claimed “fresh revelations” that Modi increased the benchmark price from euro 5.2 billion to euro 8.2 billion, which Sitharaman rejected it as false. Getting emotional over Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s attack on her and the Prime Minister, she said he had called them liars.