New Delhi: The Lok Sabha Secretariat has circulated a list of vacant bungalows for Members of Parliament (MPs). While that would be a routine matter, what makes it interesting is that the official residence of Congress President Rahul Gandhi also figures on the list, reported ANI on Monday.

Rahul has occupied 12, Tughlaq Lane, since 2004 when he first became an MP after winning from Amethi Lok Sabha seat. The circular, a copy of which has been accessed by ANI, includes the addresses of various bungalows to be allotted to those who have won the elections recently.

Rahul’s current bungalow falls under ‘Type 8’ category, the highest one to be allotted to MPs. While Rahul lost from his traditional seat of Amethi, he won the election from Wayanad in Kerala.

The Lok Sabha Secretariat releases the list of vacant bungalows or flats for MPs from which they can choose and apply. This time, according to ANI, MPs have been given a list of 517 flats and bungalows. Meanwhile, Rahul’s office does not have any knowledge of such a circular.

Rahul has created quite a stir within the grand old party by offering to step down as the party chief post-Lok Sabha debacle. While the Congress Working Committee sought to shoot down his idea, Rahul has been adamant and the party is obviously in the doldrums.

Meanwhile, the party issued a statement, “Congress party expects everyone including media to respect the sanctity of a closed-door meeting of the CWC. Various conjectures, speculations, insinuations, assumptions, gossip and rumour mongering in a section of the media is uncalled for and unwarranted.”

As to the agenda of the CWC meeting, Congress had said, “CWC held a collective deliberation on the performance of the party, the challenges before it as also the way ahead, instead of casting aspersions on the role or conduct of any specific individual.”