New Delhi: Under Railways‘ #MissionRaftaar, Rajdhani Express will now be covering Delhi to Mumbai in just 10 hours, cutting down the travel time by 5-6 hours, said reports on Wednesday.

Western Railways confirmed the same on Twitter where it said, “After approval of the Central government, Mumbai – Delhi route will be upgraded to run Rajdhani Express at 160 kmph to cut the travel time to nearly 10 hrs, under #MissionRaftaar.”

This would be achieved by increasing the speed of Rajdhani Express to 160 kmph from the current 130 kmph. Railways ‘#MissionRaftar’ was first introduced in 2016-2017 with an aim to upgrade major routes to run trains on higher speeds than their current ones.

The Delhi-Mumbai train route is one of the busiest railways routes as it connects the country’s capital to the financial capital. It is also one of the busiest in terms of traffic. Meanwhile, Railways is also working on 100% electrification by 2022-end. This would be achieved by doing away with diesel.

In addition to this, Indian Railways has also set a target of going for 100% electrification by the end of 2022. With this, the Indian Railways aims at doing away with all diesel locomotives and ensuring a reduction in operating cost of trains.

Once 100% electrification is enabled across the railway network, the pollution emanating from trains is likely to go down considerably.