New Delhi: In days to come, Railways will begin using such a technology that will help add over four lakh seats for reserved travel in trains on a daily basis. This would be done by October.

To be able to do so, Railways would be employing a technology by which compartments will not require a separate generator box for lights in the coaches and for air conditioning.

Here’s all you need to know about how the new technology will help Railways:

  • Currently, there are up to two generator bogies in each train with Halfmann Bush (LHB) compartment linked. All these coaches are supplied with electricity from these diesel generators. It is known as ‘And On Generation’ (EOG) Technology.
  • Soon, the department would begin using HOG technology which is popular worldwide. In this technology, electricity is taken for the coaches from the electric wiring of the train.
  • About 500 coaches will be operating with HOG technology from October. This will help in doing away with generators and extra compartments would be added.
  • It will also save more than Rs 6,000 crore annually on railway fuel. Just one non-air conditioned compartment needs 120 units of electricity per hour to supply electricity, say reports.
  • To generate this much power, the generator consumes 40 litres of diesel per hour. Add to this fuel requirement for air-conditioned compartment and consumption increases to 65-70 litres of diesel per hour.
  • Officials said that the new system is environmentally friendly as there will be no air or noise pollution.
  • It will also reduce carbon emissions by 700 tonnes every year.
  • Officials told media that once the HOG system is used, only one generator bogey will be needed for standby in trains like Shatabdi. When all the trains with LHB coaches start running with new technology, about four lakh berths will be available every day from the additional coaches, thus increasing the revenue generated.