New Delhi: India and China have no other choice but to get along with each other, foreign minister S Jaishankar said adding that it is important that two countries find equilibrium in ties. “We have to get along with each other,” Jaishankar said addressing the Raisina Dialogue, India’s global conference on geopolitics. Also Read - Raisina Dialogue 2020: ‘Vibrant Forum to Discuss Important Global And Strategic Issues,’ Says PM Modi

On India’s global role, Jaishankar said that India is not a disruptive power. It’s a stabilising power. “Thre are already enough forces of disruption in the world. Somebody needs to make up a bit,” the minister said. Also Read - Statue of Unity Finds Place in '8 Wonders of SCO', EAM Jaishankar Says 'Surely an Inspiration'

“It is also not the India way to be self-centred, to be mercantilist. Therefore it’s important to be global, law-abiding, consultative,” he said.

“India owes it to itself and to the world to be a just power,” he said.

India’s way is not to be disruptive and it is more of a decider than an abstainer, Jaishankar said. On US and Iran conflict, he said they are two individualistic countries and what finally happens will depend on the players involved.

The country, he said, is a “prisoner of its past image. We have to get over it”. “There was a time when we spoke more than what we did. It is changing now,” the minister said.

India’s flagship global conference on geopolitics, the Raisina Dialogue, began on Tuesday with seven former heads of state or government sharing their perspectives on challenges facing the world, including the US-Iran tensions, Afghan peace initiatives and climate change.  On Tuesday, Jaishankar had said  Indian foreign policy seeks to achieve a broad engagement with many parties and “managing if not leveraging global contradictions, advancing our interests in a multipolar world and contributing to global good”.