Live Updates

  • 3:06 PM IST

    Raj Thackeray asks the media to turn their cameras and show how thousands have gathered for the MNS rally.

  • 3:05 PM IST

    Raj Thackeray asks people at the rally to observe a 1-minute silence for those who lost their lives in Elphinstone Bridge stampede

  • 3:04 PM IST

    This is a silent protest, if things don’t improve, the next one is not going to be a silent one. So, beware: Raj Thackeray

  • 3:02 PM IST

    You switch off the TV, and he’s on the radio with Mann ki Baat: Raj Thackeray takes a dig at PM Modi

  • 3:02 PM IST

    I urge all of you to stand up against this government. This government is a liar: Raj Thackeray

  • 2:59 PM IST

    People now mute their TV sets as they are fed up of Modi saying the same things again and again. Make in India, Yoga poses, all these are stunts: Raj Thackeray

  • 2:56 PM IST

    This govt is bringing the bullet train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, but the whole country will be made to pay for it: Raj Thackeray

  • 2:55 PM IST

    Suresh Prabhu opposed bullet trains, that’s why they removed him as Railway Minister: Raj Thackeray

  • 2:53 PM IST

    The problems of the Rail infrastructure are not new, they have been going on for years. Will people keep dying like this: Raj Thackeray

  • 2:52 PM IST

    PM Modi has been repeating the same things since the past 3 years, the public is fed up now: Raj Thackeray

Mumbai, Oct 5: The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) on Thursday carried out a rally near Metro Cinema in Mumbai. “Why get bullet train, first fix local train,” was the slogan being shouted by MNS workers who assembled for the protest over the September 29 Elphinstone Rail Bridge stampede that left 23 people dead.

The Santap Rally of the MNS began at around 10 am on Thursday. Before the rally, MNS workers protested at several railway stations across Mumbai, shouting slogans against the “poor rail infrastructure” in the country.

Hundreds of MNS workers gatheredin the Metro Cinema area for the protest, shouting slogans and holding cartoons of party chief Raj Thackeray reprimanding Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP chief Amit Shah and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, holding a hunter over them.

Security was tight at Churchgate Station as MNS workers went ahead with the protest despite the police not giving them permission for the rally. While permission was not given to them for protest at Western Railway Headquarter in Churchgate, the MNS carried out the rally in the Metro Cinema area.