New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) gave three Modis to the nation, Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi and the one sitting in Ambani’s lap Narendra Modi, said Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu on Sunday, while addressing a rally in Ramganj Mandi of poll bound Rajasthan.

“Congress gave us four Gandhis, Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, and Rahul Gandhi. But the BJP gave us three Modis, Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi and the one sitting in Ambani’s lap Narendra Modi, said Sidhu, who is under constant attack from Bharatiya Janata Party for expressing love for Pakistan. “Democracy is run by goons under the rule of BJP,” Sidhu asserted.

Showering praise on the grand old party, the Cabinet Minister further said, “It was the Congress who made this country free from the British rule. You cannot question history. The dream of Independence became possible because of leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Abul Kalam Azad, and Sardar Patel.”

Sidhu further asked the gathering about the promises made by Prime Minister Modi before coming to power at the Centre, “Is black money back? Did you get Rs 15 lakh in your account? Is Ganga clean now? Did you get two crore jobs? Did he run any bullet train? Then what he did? Nothing, because he just made fake promises.”

He also criticised PM’s Make in India’ initiative, saying, “Bullet train is coming from Japan; Rafael jet is coming from France; a statue of Sardar came from China. If everything is coming from abroad, then what is India making-pakode?”

Taking a note of rising corruption in the country, the Punjab Cabinet Minister asked, “Why Rs 500 crore Rafael jet was purchased for Rs 1,500 crore? Why 1,250 acres land was given for Rs 400 crore to Ambani, which Ambani later sold for Rs 4,000 crore?”

Earlier on Saturday,  Sidhu repeated ‘Chowkidaar Chor Hai’ barb against PM Modi. While addressing a rally in Rajasthan’s Alwar, Sidhu said, ”Rs 1,600 crore for a Rs 500 crore plane? Whose pockets did the Rs 1,100 crore fill? Who benefited from this shady deal? Even the chowkidar‘s dog is on the thieves’ side. (500 crore ka plane 1600 crore mein? 1100 crore kiski jeb mein dale, andar ki baat kis ke liye thi? Chowkidar ka kutta bhi chor se mil gaya hai).”

A few days back, he had called the Prime Minister a puppet of capitalists. “The prime minister is a ‘katputli’ of capitalists and he lies. If a farmer fails to repay a loan of Rs one lakh, the government beats drums,” Sidhu had said in Chhindwara district of poll bound Madhya Pradesh, referring to an initiative where bank officials arranged beating of drums to shame defaulters.