New Delhi: At least 7.9 lakh names from the Rajasthan electoral roll has been removed by the state Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) on Friday. As per the final electoral roll list, the Rajasthan CEO has struck down the names of lakhs of people which is a part of the special summary revision.

A draft electoral list for Rajasthan was published on July 31, 2018, by the CEO’s office. As per the draft roll, there were 4.75 crore voters in the state. The CEO’s office invited claims and objections till August 21. After the draft roll was published and call for errors had been issued, the Congress had claimed that there were over 42 lakh “probable duplicates on the parameters of the same name, relative name and gender”.

Following the verification conducted by the election department, names of 3,91,805 males and 3,99,515 females were removed. On the other hand, more than 700,000 names were added after their applications for inclusion in the electoral roll was accepted. Names of 3,30,803 males and 4,29,485 females, or a total of 7,60,288 persons, were added.

There was a net reduction of 31,032 names from electoral rolls. A total of 4.74 electors are present in the state currently.