Jaipur: A driver, in a bid to save the life of a man, reversed the train for about a kilometre on the Kota-Bina stretch in Rajasthan. The incident took place on Friday around 4 pm at Atru-salpura railway line.

As per reports, a man identified as Vinod fell from the train as he jumped out behind his ‘mentally ill’ brother to save his life. In the course of action, the former lost his balance and fell out of the train, lying near the track injured.

As soon as the passengers came to know about the incident, someone pulled the chain and the man’s relatives called for an ambulance. However, the ambulance was not able to reach the destination as the way was blocked by the train.

At this point, the driver of the train acted promptly and reversed the train for about one kilometre. According to senior divisional commercial manager (DCM) of Kota region Vijay Prakash, as quoted by The Hindustan Times, “As there was no path for ambulance to enter the point where the train had stopped, the loco-pilot reversed the train for about one kilometre so that the injured passenger, who fell from the train, could be taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.”

As per the latest information, Vinod and his ‘mentally ill’ brother, who jumped out of the train, were rushed to a hospital in Baran. Both are being treated there and are in a stable condition.