Udaipur: List of winners from Gogunda, Jhadol, Kherwara, Udaipur Rural, Udaipur, Salumber, Dhariawad, and Aspur.

Gogunda (ST) has BJP’s Pratap Lal Bheel as the sitting MLA. In 2013, he defeated Mangi Lal Garasiya of the Congress. This year, the saffron party pitted Pratap Lal Gameti against Congress’s Dr. Mangilal Garasiya. The former won with 82307 votes, while the latter got 77896 votes.

Jhadol (ST) saw a tough fight between BJP’s Babulal Kharadi against the Congress’ Sunil Bhajat. In 2013, INC’s Heeralal defeated BJP’s Babu Lal, who won with 87527 votes, while Sunil Bhajat got 74580 votes.

In Kherwara, BJP’s Nana Lal Ahari is the sitting MLA; he defeated INC’s Dayaram in 2013. This year, BJP pitted Nanalal Aahri against Congress’ Dr Dayaram Parmar, who won with 93155 votes, while the former got 68164 votes.

Udaipur Rural seat (ST) is held by BJP’s Phool Singh Meena, who defeated INC’s Sajjan Devi in 2013. This year, BJP pitted Phool Singh Meena against Congress’ Vivek Katara. Phool Singh Meena won with 97382 votes, while Vivek Katara got 78675 votes.

In Udaipur, BJP’s Gulab Chand Kataria is the sitting MLA, who defeated INC’s Dinesh Shrimali in 2013. This year, BJP pitted Gulab Chand Katariya against Congress’ Dr. Girija Vyas. Gulab Chand Katariya won with 74660 votes, while Girija Vyas got 65353 votes.

Salumber (ST) saw a tough fight between BJP’s Amrit Lal Meena and Congress’ Raghuveer Singh Meena. In 2013, BJP’s Amrit Lal defeated Basanti of the Congress. Amrit Lal Meena won with 87472 votes, while Raghuveer Singh Meena got 65554 votes.

Dhariyawad (ST) has BJP’s Gotam Lal as the sitting MLA, he defeated Congress’ Nagraj in 2013. This year, BJP’s Gautam Lal Meena was pitted against Congress’ Nagraj Meena. Gautam Lal won with 96457 votes, while Nagraj Meena got 72615 votes.

Aspur seat is held by BJP’s Gopichand Meena, who defeated Congress’ Raiya Meena in 2013. This year, the same candidates from both parties were up against each other, with Gopichand Meena winning with 57062 votes, and Raiya Meena getting 42185 votes.