Chittorgarh: List of winners from Mavli, Vallabhnagar, Kapasan, Begun, Chittorgarh, Nimbahera, Bari Sadri and Pratapgarh. Also Read - High Drama: BJP MLA Lies Down on Road With Torn 'Kurta' in Hands, Accuses UP Cop of Beating Him | Watch

Mavli has BJP’s Dali Chand Dangi as the sitting MLA. In 2013, he defeated Pushkar Lal Dangi of the Congress. This year, the saffron party pitted Dharmnarayan Joshi against Congress’s Pushkar Lal Dangi. Dharmnarayan Joshi won with 99723 votes, while Pushkar Lal Dangi got 72745 votes. Also Read - Man Under Influence of Alcohol Climbs Water Tank & Does a Hilarious Drunk Dance | Watch Video

Vallabh Nagar saw a tough fight between BJP’s Uday Lal Dangi against Congress’ Gajendra Singh Shaktawat. In 2013, IND’s M Randhir Singh defeated INC’s Gajendra Singh Shaktawat, who won with 66306 votes, while Udai Lal Dangi got 46667 votes. Also Read - This Rajasthan Temple Got So Many Crores in Donation That People Got Tired of Counting Cash!

In Kapasan (SC), BJP’s Arjun Lal is the sitting MLA; he defeated INC’s RD Jawa in 2013. This year, BJP pitted Arjun Lal Jingar against Congress’ Anandi Ram. Arjun Lal Jingar won with 81470 votes, while Anandi Ram got 74468 votes.

Begun seat is held by BJP’s Dr. Suresh Dhaker, who defeated Congress’ Rajendra Singh Bidhuri in 2013. This year, BJP pitted Suresh Dhaker against Congress’ Rajendra Singh Bidhuri, who won with 99259 votes, while Dr. Suresh Dhaker got 97598 votes.

Chittorgarh is held by BJP’s Chandrabhan Singh, who defeated INC’s Surendra Singh in 2013. This year, BJP pitted Chandrabhan Singh against Congress’ Surendra Singh Jadawat. Chandrabhan Singh won with 106563 votes, while Surendra Singh Jadawat got 82669 votes.

In Nimbahera, BJP’s Shrichand Kriplani is the sitting MLA, who defeated INC’s Anjana Udailal in 2013. This year, BJP has pitted Shrichand Kriplani against Congress’ Anjana Udailal, who won with 110037 votes, while Shrichand Kriplani got 98129 votes.

BJP’s Lalit Kumar Ostwal faced off with Congress’ Prakash Choudhary in Bari Sadri. In 2013, BJP’s Gautam Kumar defeated Prakash Chand Chaudhary of the Congress. Lalit Kumar Ostwal won with 97111 votes, while Prakash Choudhary got 88301 votes.

Pratapgarh (ST) has BJP’s Nandlal as the sitting MLA, he defeated INC’s Veluram Meena in 2013. This year, BJP’s Hemant Minahas was pitted against Congress’ Ramlal Meena, who won with 100625 votes, while the former got 83945 votes.