Barmer, June 29: A family in Rajasthan’s Barmer district have been allegedly punished by the people of their town for not carrying out the rituals of feasting, that is held once a person dies. The family has been outcast as it did not perform the ‘mrityubhoj ceremony’- a feast which organised by the family of the deceased for relatives, friends and acquaintances who come to pay condolences. It must be noted that this is an age-old ritual which is followed by the family of the departed soul and is held irrespective of the family’s economic status.

Speaking about the ill- treatment they’ve been subjected to, the members of the family in question alleged that they have been at the receiving end since the last three years. They said that they were neither allowed to to attend any kind of functions in the town nor the people staying in the area interacted with them. One of girls from the family said, “Our family of 30 members are being mistreated for no fault of ours. The children are suffering the most. They are not being allowed in schools. We appeal for justice.”

Another family member alleged that panchayat members took away some of their land, 25 quintals of millet and Rs. 5 lakh. They have even demanded their home so the former said they have registered a police complaint against the same. The panchayat has reportedly issued a diktat and since then no one has been talking to them.

The incident was reported at Bakhasar police station on May 11. The family demanded that justice be meted to them and people who have been harassing them to give up their home should be arrested. They also alleged that there had been no development in the case and hence Superintendent of Police from Barmer, Gagandeep Singla has promised to look into the matter.