In a shameful incident in Rajasthan’s Bundi district, a five-year-old girl was forced to live outside her house in Hindoli village for 11 days as a punishment by the village panchayat. Also Read - India's First Sex Toy Store in Goa Shut Down by Calangute Village Panchayat, Here's The Reason Why

The minor girl was banished from the village and was deprived of food and water on orders by the members of the village panchayat, while being ordered not to enter the house. Also Read - Wedding Twist: Bride Runs Away With Her Boyfriend, Groom Marries Her 15-Year-Old Sister!

The reason behind the panchayat ordering such harsh punishment was even more shocking. Also Read - New-Age Sholay: Girl Climbs Atop a Hoarding, Demands to Marry Boyfriend Against Her Mother’s Wish

The victim girl accidentally crushed the egg of the sweet bird of a Lapwing Bird. The news was soon spread across the village by other students of the school.

When panchayat members came to know about this, they punished the girl based on some superstition related to the bird and banished her from the village, ordering her to stay outside a house which was situated outside the village.

After 11 days of ordeal, the local police came into action following an initiative taken by Zee News, following which the village panchayat members apologised for the humiliating act and took the girl back into her house.

District Collector thanked the media for the initiative taken by it, and directed Sub Divisional Magistrate Bhavna Singh and Station House Officer Laxman Singh to investigate the matter.

Singh said that the act was shameful but the panchayat members apologised for it saying that they were unaware of the law. He added that strict action will be taken against those found guilty based on the report by the district authorities.