Jaipur, Feb 21: Rajasthan MLA from Jalore Amrita Meghwal was tested positive for H1N1 Swine Flu on Monday. However, she surprised her colleagues by attending the Assembly on Tuesday and even met with fellow legislators. She was also reportedly spotted roaming around the Assembly without a mask and talking to MLAs.

At least 88 people have died and 976 tested positive for Swine Flu (H1N1) in Rajasthan so far this year. Meghwal, who had been suffering from cough and cold for a few days, underwent a screening test on Sunday. She was tested positive for H1N1 virus infection on Monday.

However, she decided to turn up at the Assembly and even interact with her colleagues. Health Minister Kalicharan Saraf has now issued orders for screening of those who came into contact with the MLA and other people who have tested positive.

The health minister asked the Director (Public Health) to instruct all district chief medical and health officers to screen people who came into contact with those who tested positive for swine flu. He also directed that treatment for swine flu be started on anyone exhibiting symptoms of the disease