New Delhi: Actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth had put out a tweet applauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi for urging people to observe Janata Curfew on Sunday. However, Twitter soon took the post down on complaints of misinformation. Also Read - After PM Modi's Request to Keep Kumbh Mela 'Symbolic', Juna Akhada Calls Off Celebrations

As the entire nation came together to observe a lockdown from 7 AM to 9 PM, Rajinikanth took to the social media platform to applaud the Prime Minister’s efforts. Also Read - FACT CHECK: Has Modi Govt Announced Nationwide Lockdown Till April 30? Know Truth Behind Viral Message

“Right now, India is in the second stage of battling the coronavirus and we can’t let it go to the next level. If we can prevent the spread of the COVID-19 in public spaces for 12 to 14 hours, that itself is enough to stop it from progressing to the third stage,” he said in the tweet and video. Also Read - CBSE Class 10, 12 Board Exams 2021: PM Modi Likely To Announce Nationwide Guidelines For Board Exams Today

He said that a Janata Curfew of 14 hours could stop the spread of the pandemic and many people found it questionable as it didn’t have any scientific backing to go with. As a result, the micro-blogging site took the post down saying “it violated the Twitter Rules”. The video is, however, still available on YouTube.

“Italy tried implementing similar nationwide curfew to prevent Stage 3, but due to lack of support from the citizens, the efforts failed, resulting in the death of thousands of people to the pandemic,” he had written, adding, “We don’t want such a crisis in India and I urge everyone to rise to the occasion and participate in the Janata curfew by strictly staying indoors and practicing social distancing.”

Rajinikanth also asked people to appreciate the selfless service of the medical personnel by participating in the nationwide appreciation applause and prayers at 5 pm on Sunday.

Speaking on the Tamil Nadu government’s efforts in curbing the th sprad of the virus, he said, “We have to appreciate the precautionary steps being taken by the Tamil Nadu government to prevent the spread of coronavirus. As people, we all too should join hands with the government to help prevent the spread of the virus.” He suggested that the government announce financial assistance to the needy to help them overcome the situation.

The actor-politician’s new film “Annatthe” has been put on hold, following the shutdown of all film and TV production in India. His television debut on “Into The Wild With Bear Grylls” will however air as scheduled on Monday on Discovery India.