New Delhi: Ram Kadam, who had offered to “abduct” girls in his constituency and bring them to their spurned suitors, was ranked the worst Mumbai MLA in a survey conducted by Praja Foundation as his score dropped. The survey said that his score has further dropped in 2018 as compared to that of 2017. While he was ranked last in a total of 32 MLAs with a score of 33.37 in 2018, he had scored 41.96 in 2017.

Not just the rank and the score, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA scored a zero (less than 50 per cent of the sessions) in the number of sessions attended by the state legislators and a zero in the quality of questions raised (from 38.18 in 2017 and 38.36 in 2018). In the area of the local area development fund, he had scored a five. The survey said that he had used less than 50 per cent of the local area development fund that was allotted to him.

While addressing a gathering on Janmashtami in his Ghatkopar constituency, Kadam threatened to “abduct” girls for their rejected suitors for marriage. “You need anything, just come to me.. If you have proposed to a girl and she has rejected you, I will help you.. 100 per cent. Come to me with your parents and say that they approve of her. Then, I will catch her and bring her to you,” Kadam told the gathering.

A video of Kadam making threats went viral and created a political furore all over the country. He, however, said that his remarks were taken out of proportion. “I had no intentions to hurt anybody’s sentiments, but if I have done so, I regret it. Certain opponents are behind this misunderstanding,” Kadam said in a late-night tweet on Tuesday.

Congress leader and former Maharashtra minister Subodh Saoji announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh for anyone who “chops off the tongue” of Ram Kadam. “I am announcing a Rs 5 lakh reward for anyone who chops off BJP MLA Ram Kadam’s tongue. I strongly condemn him saying girls should be abducted,” Saoji said.