New Delhi: Renowned historian and author Ramachandra Guha has compared BJP president Amit Shah to Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He said, “In some ways, you can even compare him (Jinnah) to Amit Shah as he says, ‘I will win election whatever happens’ and Jinnah said, ‘I will get Pakistan whatever happens, even at the cost of dead bodies‘.”

In his new book “Gandhi: The Years That Changed The World, 1914-1948“, he claimed that Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah was at best an “astute politician” driven by a single-point agenda. He has described him as a “straightforward figure”.

“Jinnah, from the early 1930s, had one-point agenda — build Pakistan with me as a leader,” Guha told PTI in an interview. So in that sense, he is “relatively straightforward figure from the 1930s onward”, when he was consumed by his “new desire” to create a new country of which he would be leader, he added. (ALSO READ: Muslim Organisation Offers Rs 1 Lakh For Tearing Down Jinnah Photos, Posters)

“I would say he is a straightforward figure and my narrative (of Jinnah) is not sympathetic unlike Ambedkar or some other leaders where I can see the inner-struggles of a man,” said the author of best-selling book “India After Gandhi”.

Asked what if another scholar finds his opinion about Jinnah rather too simplistic or wrong, the 60-year-old scholar was quick to reply, “Well, they are free to do that. But they need to document more than what I have done in the book and my works.”

His latest book, a 1,100-plus-page-tome, tells the story of Gandhi’s life from the time he left South Africa to his assassination in 1948. According to Guha, Gandhi and Ambedkar are “heroic figures”.

Published by Penguin (Allen Lane), “Gandhi: The Years That Changed The World, 1914-1948”, priced at Rs 999, is the sequel to “Gandhi Before India” (2014), which traced Gandhi’s early life in India and his years in South Africa as a lawyer and activist.

(With PTI inputs)