New Delhi, Oct 23: Revered industrialist Ratan Tata spoke his mind on the issue of intolerance, calling it “a curse we are seeing of late”. The Twitter community has warned him of facing severe consequences from the keyboard warriors supporting the ruling dispensation. The Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons is likely to be hounded by the ‘bhakts’ on social media, Twitterati opined. Since the remarks of Ratan Tata draw criticism towards the Narendra Modi government, and validates the allegations of several left-leaning intellectuals, activists and scholars, the hyper-nationalists on social media are expected to initiate a vigorous campaign against him.

Apart from warning Tata o0f the forthcoming cyber-bullying, the Twitter users also left no stone unturned to take potshots at the ‘bhakts’. Several of the micro-bloggers suggested the chauvinists to call for a boycott of Tata, and stop using all day-to-day products associated with the company. One of the twitter users suggested the idea of aborting the use of Tata Sky, the popular DTH service used by a large number of households across India. (ALSO READ: Ratan Tata on increasing intolerance: ‘A curse we are seeing of late’)







The remarks against growing intolerance were made by Ratan Tata during his address at the 119th foundation day function of Scindia School in Gwalior. “We want to live in an environment where we love our fellow men. We don’t shoot them, we don’t kill them. We don’t hold them hostages but give a bit of ourselves and we give and take,” had further said. (ALSO READ: Where is intolerance – Khurram Parvez arrested, Jignesh Mevani detained, Muslim youth thrashed to death)

A section of social media has already begun trolling Ratan Tata for his contentious remarks on the issue of intolerance: