New Delhi, Oct 4: The social media team of the Congress is targeting the audience which does not ascribe to the right-wing political views, said the party’s online campaign in-charge Divya Spandana.

Ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha election, she said, her party lost the battle on social media. Apart from the conservative section of netizens, a large number of those who are politically neutral or ideologically agnostic shifted their support to the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The focus of her team ahead of the forthcoming general polls, would be to reclaim their support on social media, she said while speaking to DNA.

“(In 2014) India voted a certain way because of the way social media was used. Sentiments moved towards BJP. Lot of non-right people voted for (Narendra) Modi. There is a large chunk today sitting in the middle and my focus is on that group. My messaging is geared towards that group,” she was reported as saying.

On being asked about the recent competitiveness gained by the Congress on social media, Spandana said the impact on internet is reflection of the work done by party’s vice president Rahul Gandhi on the ground.

“In all modesty, our social media contribution has been minuscule. Mood of the people has changed. Mr Rahul Gandhi has not gone back on his views on GST or demonetization,” she said.

The success of ‘development gone crazy’ campaign in Gujarat is also the result of Rahul’s on-ground campaign in the state, Spandana added.

“Everywhere Mr. Gandhi went in villages in Gujarat, he asked what has happened to vikas and the public resonated the online campaign,” she claimed.