New Delhi: In midst of the ongoing political turmoil in the state, the monsoon session of Karnataka Assembly commenced on Friday where Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy declared that he was ‘ready to prove majority in the House’ and sought time for the same from the Speaker.

He said, “I have decided to seek trust vote, please fix a time for it… I am ready for everything, I am not here to just sit in power.”

The Congress-JD(S) coalition government suffered a massive jolt after 16 MLAs resigned, starting from Saturday. Most of them reasoned that they were unhappy with the state leadership and were ‘looked over’ in matters of governance.

In the 225-member Assembly, including one nominated, the Congress has 79 MLAs, including Speaker, and JD-S has 37.

Lone members of BSP and KPJP (a regional outfit) beside an Independent also were with the government, taking their tally to 118, five more than the required majority mark.

If the Speaker accepts all the 16 resignations, the Assembly’s effective strength will drop to 209 from 225 and the ruling coalition will be reduced to 100, when the halfway mark would be 105.

Besides the 16 MLAs of the Congress and the JD-S, the KPJP legislator and the Independent have also withdrawn their support to the government.

On the other hand, the BJP has 105 MLAs and is eyeing the government formation.