New Delhi: The Kerala government on Sunday demolished the two remaining illegal residential complexes in Kochi-Jain Coral Cove and Golden Kayaloram-of the four that it was directed by the Supreme Court last year to raze. The demolition of the buildings brought to an end a two-day drive of the government in this regard. Also Read - Maradu Demolition: Watch How Luxurious H20 Holy Faith And Alfa Sarene Apartments Come Crashing Down in Seconds

Alfa Serene and H2O Holy Faith were the two buildings that were demolished on Saturday. The complexes, all of which were lake-facing and were located in Maradu municipality of Kochi, were last year found to be in violation of the state’s Coastal Regulations Zone (CRZ) in the top court, which directed the state government to carry out a demolition drive of the buildings to preserve the environment.

The CRZ norms do not allow any construction to take place within 200 metres of any coast in Kerala.

The residents had protested against the top court’s directive, arguing that they shouldn’t be punished for violation of norms by the builders and also asking where they would go to live if the complexes are demolished. However, they were eventually convinced by the state to move out so that the Supreme Court’s directive could be complied with.

The court then directed the government to pay Rs 25 lakh as compensation to each of the flat owners, leading to the government sanctioning Rs 25 crore to facilitate their rehabilitation.