New Delhi: Hours after the Indian Air Force said that they have “irrefutable evidence” of IAF MIG 21 Bison shooting down Pakistan’s F-16 on February 27, 2019, Pakistan reacted saying that “India should not overlook Islamabad’s silence for not drum beating losses on Indian side” as “repetitions don’t make truth of a lie”.

“Repetitions don’t make truth of a lie. Despite claiming possession of evidence on shooting F16, IAF still short of presenting it. Don’t overlook Pakistan’s silence for not drum beating losses on Indian side. Fact is that PAF shot down two IAF jets, wreckage seen on ground by all,” Pakistan’s military spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor said in a tweet.

Notably, the IAF in its statement on Monday declared that it has “irrefutable evidence of not only the fact that the F-16 was used by Pakistan Air Force on February 27, 2019, but also that IAF MIG 21 Bison shot down the F-16.” It further read, “There is no doubt that two aircraft went down in the aerial engagement on 27 February 2019 one of which was the bison of IAF while the other was F-16 of Pakistan Air Force conclusively identified by its electronic signature and radio transcripts.”

Addressing a press conference, Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor said, “Have more credible evidence that is clearly indicative of fact that Pakistan has lost one F-16 however due to security and confidentiality concerns we are restricting the information being shared in the public domain.” This came after the IAF on April 5 reiterated that the plane shot down in an aerial engagement by a Mig-21 in Nowshera sector on February 27 was an F-16, rejecting a claim in a report that none of the Pakistan Air Force’s (PAF) US-supplied jets was found missing after a recent count.