New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Republic Day turban never misses to create news and 2020 — the first Republic Day of Narendra Modi 2.0 — is no exception.

White suit, dark blue jacket and saffron Rajasthani-style turban — this was Modi’s Republic Day 2020 costume.

Let’s see how Modi dresses up for the day:

In 2019, he wore a yellowish headgear with a red tail. A white suit and a peach jacket completed the look.

In 2018, PM Modi chose a multi-coloured headgear which too had a red tail. White suit and a black jacket complimented the look.

In 2017, it was a pink turban and the look was also different with a white suit, black chequered jacket and a pocket square.

In 2016, it was a toffee-tan bandhgala paired with a saffron turban and a silk pocket square.

Well, this was in 2015 when he chose a muti-hued turban.