New Delhi, July 31: While on the one hand, humans are seeking out shelter in the torrential rains that have hit parts of Bihar and Assam, rescuers and volunteers at Valmiki Tiger Reserve and Kaziranga National Park are trying to protect smaller animals from drowning and larger animals, like the national animal, from poachers.Also Read - Good News for Travellers: Assam Reopens Kaziranga And Other Wildlife Tourist Spots For Visitors

Dedicated groups of forest guards and amateur volunteers are working together to protect the smaller animals from drowning by re-locating them dry lands and the larger ones from threats of poacher by patrolling the affected areas. Nearly 50 swimmers have been employed at VTR to rescue animals like the hog deer and barking deer. Additionally, 400 forest guards have been deployed who are working with anti-poaching squads, tiger trackers, patrol teams, The Hindustan Times reported. Also Read - Viral Video: Bihar Groom Lifts Newly Wed Bride on His Shoulder to Help Her Cross Flooded River | Watch

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According to a census last year, the total number of tigers in VTR – the only tiger reserve in the state – are 28. In Kaziranha National Park, the rescuers are taking a more innovative and sensitive approach.

For instance, on Friday they covered the eyes of a rhino calf while on the journey to safety so as to prevent more trauma. The young animal was separated from it mother and struggling to survive the floods. “We are trying to get the animals out of the flood zone and guide them to safer areas,”  R B Singh, the field director of VTR was quoted by the newspaper.

(Image Source: PTI via HT)