New Delhi: As the number of coronavirus cases in the country are rising rapidly, Prime Minister Narednra Modi on Thursday evening addressed the nation and urged everyone stay indoor as much as possible. He said this as a preventive measure to avoid getting infected from the virus. He also said that the world had never seen such a pandemic as this. Also Read - Here Are the Top 5 Quotes From PM Modi's Address on Coronavirus

During his address to the nation, PM Modi also called for ‘Janta curfew’ on March 22 from 7 AM to 9 PM, saying no citizen, barring those in essential services, should get out of their house. Also Read - PM Modi Asks People to Avoid Panic Buying, Says ‘They Should Not Hoard Essential Items’

“On March 22, from 7 AM to 9 PM, all countrymen have to follow ‘Janta Curfew’  for coronavirus,” Pm Modi said.

PM Modi also said that the world had never seen such a pandemic as this. “Even World War I and II did not affect as many countries as coronavirus has done,” PM Modi said.

Urging people to sacrifice some weeks and time, PM Modi said given that coronavirus has no cure yet, the only way to stay safe is to stay indoors.

“I request all people in country to get out of house only when it is extremely necessary, try and do all work from home,” he further added.

During his speech, he also announced setting up of a ‘Covid-19 Economic Response Task Force’ to address the economic challenge decide on relief package for sectors hit by the coronavirus outbreak.

To be headed by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the task force will look at measures to limit economic hardship caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The statement from the PM comes as sectors ranging from tourism to aviation to certain segments have been battered as countries closed borders, restricted air travel and industries went into emergency lockdowns.

“In view of the economic challenges posed by coronavirus pandemic, the government has decided to set up a Covid-19 Economic Response Task Force under Finance Minister,” Modi said. PM Modi said the task force will decide on steps to be taken to overcome economic hardships.