New Delhi: At a time when the armies of both the countries are engaged in military-level talks to find out a solution to the month-long border standoff in Eastern Ladakh, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday said the Centre is resolving the matter diplomatically with China. Also Read - GoDaddy Hosts Fundraiser With Ketto For Indian SMEs Hit During COVID-19

“The internal and external security of the country is strong. We have resolved the matter with China diplomatically. You also know what we have been doing continuously to the terrorists coming from Pakistan,” he said. Also Read - Amazon Employees Receive 'Delete TikTok' Email, eCommerce Giant Says it Was 'Sent in Error'

While addressing the Madhya Pradesh Jansamvad Rally through video conferencing, Gadkari said that no one can dare to stare at India with a crooked eye. Also Read - Tuticorin Custodial Deaths: RJ Suchi Told by Tamil Nadu Police to Remove Video Demanding Justice For Jayaraj-Fenix

“We will dedicate our lives to this nation. We will make this nation happy, prosperous and powerful so that no one can look at our country with a crooked eye,” he added.

Saying that during the Narendra Modi government regime Maoism and terrorism have declined, Gadkari said earlier governments appeased terrorists. He hailed Modi for this hawkish policy.

He said the Modi government decided to check the surplus water from flowing to Pakistan. “After partition, India and Pakistan got three rivers each. Our water was flowing to Pakistan as there was no consensus among our states,” he said.

Under Modi’s leadership, nationalism which puts the country’s interest above other things is being pursued and vote bank politics is receding, the BJP leader further said.