Mumbai, September 12: The campaign,  ‘Ride to be One’, is the story of two multi-faceted and experienced super bikers, Dr. Maral Yazarloo, Pune and Pankaj Trivedi, from Mumbai. The duo joined forces based on their common passion  to discover and conquer the world on their motorbikes. Panchshil Realty is the main sponsor of the campaign, ‘Ride To Be One’.

As per a press statement, in 18 months Dr. Maral Yazarloo & and her riding partner Pankaj Trivedi will attempt to cover 45 countries in seven continents and will reportedly traverse over 100,000 km, with no backup vehicle or backup team. Yazarloo’s ambitious bike ride flagged off from Mumbai and Pune on March 15th 2017.

Reports claim that currently they are in Mexico presently and have covered 11 countries and three continents as on Monday

They completed the first leg of their ride across the continents of Asia and Australia, travelling through nine countries of India, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. Presently, they are on the Second Leg of their trip from USA to South America. The Third Leg of the ride will take them across Africa and Europe, and the Fourth Leg includes the Middle East Asia, the report claimed.

The main highlight of ‘Ride To Be One’ will be their journey into Antarctica from South America, which is a huge challenge for heavy super bikes.

Dr. Yazarloo is running a Campaign for Iranian woman to get permission to ride a motorcycle and for changing the world’s perception about Middle Eastern Woman and Iranian Woman. She is the only fashion designer in the world doing something like this, the press statement claimed.