Gymnast Dipa Karmakar has grabbed headlines all across India for her performance at Rio Olympics 2016. With her qualifications in the finals of gymnastics scheduled on August 14, her tale has turned into one of inspiration. For many social media critics, her success story became an example to counter the likes of columnist Shobha De, who had insensitively remarked that Indian contingent at Rio is unfit to win medals back for the nation. When aggrieved social savvy citizens marked their dissent towards the statements made by De, the socialite clarified that her jibe and angst was directed towards the “official apathy” which forms the primary reason why Indian contingent is unsuccessful in every Olympics. Here is why De was partially correct:

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) showed absolute neglect when Karmakar had demanded the athletic authority to allow her physio Sajad Ahmed to travel alongside her to Rio. SAI termed it ‘wasteful’ and said ‘why does an athlete need a personal physio, when the entire contingent has been provided with one’. However, they have now changed their stance since Karmakar has qualified herself for the finals. (ALSO READ: Rio Olympics 2016 LIVE Updates, Day 1)

Karmakar’s request was only paid heed after she made her way to the finals, and ignited hopes of India’s first gold in Rio. Only then did SPorts Minister Vijay Goel approached her and asked what she needs. Karmakar did not take a moment to reply that the presence of her physio Sajad Ahmed was essential for her, as he had been treating the athlete from her training days in Agartala.