New Delhi: The 68-year-old Delhi woman, who last night became the country’s second casualty due to novel coronavirus, was cremated on Saturday morning at the capital’s Nigambodh Ghat. The cremation, however, nearly didn’t take place at the Ghat as the family alleged that they were told to take the body to some other cremation ground. Also Read - Delhi: 68-Year-Old Woman Dies of Coronavirus, is India's Second Case of Death Due to COVID-19

The woman, who was also had other conditions like hypertension and high blood pressure, was on Thursday admitted to Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital where she passed away last night.

Today, when the family took her body for the last rites, they were told by the Nigambodh Ghat authorities that the electric cremation was the only way to cremate the body. However, when the family members said that they were ready for any mode of cremation, the authorities said that until they receive written orders for electric cremation, it won’t be possible for them to cremate the body.

The family also alleged that the officials told them to take the body to the Lodhi Road electric crematorium instead.

Later, however, the body was electrically cremated after discussion between the officials and the family members.

The woman’s death took the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases on Friday to 82, which, today, rose to 83.

A 76-year-old man from Karnataka’s Kalaburagi was the country’s first case of death due to the infection.