New Delhi, April 28: Students of Banaras Hindu University created ruckus after a car hit one of the students during a wedding function. A wedding ceremony was going on in the community hall of the university on Friday night when the incident occurred.

A news agency ANI reported, “Ruckus at Banaras Hindu University after a ‘baraat’ procession entered campus & a car which was part of it ran over a student’s foot. BHU proctor, says, ‘A ‘baraat’ arrived at non-teaching community hall & a student was hit by a car after which there was argument b/w two parties”

During the function, a baraat procession entered the campus and a car which was part of the procession ran over a student’s foot. Following which, a scuffle broke out between some students and outside people. Suddenly the fight turned violent and students started throwing chairs at the guests who have come to attend the wedding. Slowly as the news spread more students joined and started damaging the furniture. Students also broke the windshield of many cars and set one of the cars on fire.

Panic gripped in the area and guests were seen running from here to there. Police was informed about the incident and they immediately rushed to the university. To disperse the students, police baton-charged but students in return started pelting stones on them. Seeing the violence increasing, police deployed heavy forces on the campus.