New Delhi, July 17: On crowded streets of Cannaught Place something unusual caught attention of Megha Mathur, a resident of Delhi. A young girl of foreign descent was selling pictures on the footpath,from her travels around the world. The curiosity introduced Megha to story of Vlada, who is a travel freak and was robbed off her belongings while she was in Kullu.Also Read - Good News For Travel Industry: International Tourism in India Likely to Reopen by THIS Date, Announcement Soon

Vlada has been attracted to India and wanted to explore the country, when on a fateful day her belonging were taken away by the robbers at Kheer Ganga, Kullu. Vlada in her attempt to seek help, contacted Embassy for getting back home. However remained unsuccessful. She later took to find her ways out of the difficult situation and started to sell her travel photographs to collect money to buy herself tickets and other necessary expenses to go back to her country. (ALSO READ: Himachal Pradesh holding travel mart to promote tourism) Also Read - Rajasthan Makes Misbehaviour With Toursits Cognizable Offence, Non-Bailable One For Repeated Offenders

In the picture above you will see Vlada holding a note for help and her photographs that she has put on sale. Till now, Vlada has been able to manage an amount of Rs 13,000. The Russian girls seems hopeful to collect more money before August 11, 2016, the day when her visa expires. Also Read - This Heart-Warming Incredible India Ad Will Make You A Responsible Traveler!

Megha Mathur in her motives to help Vlada shared the story first on Facebook and people have been coming out for help. Megha’s post on Facebook reads:

While walking by in Cannaught Place today I ran into a pretty lady seated on the footpath outside Burger King with pictures spread out for display amidst a placard which read:
On enquiring about the circumstances, I was informed that this Russian tourist rather a travel freak – Vlada, enticed to visit India, was robbed off her belongings at #KheerGanga (Kullu). 
After which, she approached the embassy for help to be able to get back home, but was in vain. And since then she has buckled down, selling most of her pictures, hence managing to procure an amount of Rs 13,000/-.
She is optimistic about getting help before her visa expires (August 11, 2016).I’d like to request people to not just share this post but try to escalate the issue to their best possible level to fetch our guest some aid. I’ve put her number down here with utter faith in people to reach out to her ONLY IF THEY CAN SERIOUSLY HELP HER.

We spoke to Megha to confirm and get more details on Vlada. The Russian girl has not been able to contact or receive any help from her relatives in Russian, reasons remain unknown as of now, as we are still attempting to get in touch with Vlada.

Our incredible India is known to treat guests as God. We believe this is the time we can prove it. We request our readers if willing to help, please get in touch with us or share the story as much as you can , so that Vlada can get the needed help.