Mumbai, June 12: During the wee hours of Sunday, a Salman Khan fan somehow manage to sneak into his Galaxy Apartments in Bandra. The 25-year-old fan was reportedly hiding in the loo used by the security guards of the apartment. The fan, identified as Mohammad Sirajuddin, was handed over to the police.

When police questioned him, he reportedly revealed that he entered the premises to use the washroom, as per Midday. This incident happened at around 1:30 am when the security guard was on the rounds of the building compound. The fan, who himself is a Bandra resident, was spotted by a few locals when he quietly entered the building. Only after a passer-by raised an alarm, the security guard began hunting for Sirajuddin and found him hiding in the loo, reports Midday.

The fan was then handed to the Bandra police and was taken straight to the police station. “He was briefly questioned by the police and he told them that he had gone to use the washroom”, as per the sources mentioned by Midday.

Mohammad’s relatives were called over to verify his story. After that only police came to know that he resides in Bandra itself and regularly visits Bandra Bandstand, which is close to Salman’s house.

As reported by Midday, a police officer said, “After questioning him, we found nothing suspicious and he was released to his relatives after we registered the incident.”

Salman Khan is the face of BMC’s open defecation-free (ODF) campaign and this incident is quite a big co-incident. A few days ago, Salman had visited slums in Goregaon to create awareness about the risks of open defecation. The BMC has also built a toilet opposite to the superstar’s house, but it is not in functional yet.

When Salim Khan was asked if this would encourage more fans to enter the building to answer nature’s call, he told Midday, “The toilet that the BMC constructed is not yet functional and is away from Galaxy Apartments. We were objecting to it as it was blocking the promenade.”

“I am unaware of the exact details of the person who entered the building, but every day there are several people who enter and exit Galaxy Apartments beside the residents. There must be at least 50 people coming in daily. It is the watchman’s job to check on them”, Salim adds further.