New Delhi, July 19: Leader of the Samajwadi Party, Rajkumar Bhati on Wednesday said that party leader Naresh Agarwal, who stormed up a controversy at Parliament today has already apologised for his remarks. Bhati also defended him by saying that even though Agarwal did apologise, he believes he was not at fault.

Bhati who was in a television interview said that Naresh Agarwal has already apologised for his comment comparing gods to alcohol, to which the news anchor refuted the claims saying that while Agarwal took his words back, he never apologised.

In reply to the claims of the news anchor, Bhati said he believes it was not the fault of Naresh Agarwal, as he was just stating the fact and instead it was the fault of those people who wrote those comparisons between ‘gods and alcohol’ on the wall. Noteworthy that over this comment, the BJP took to sloganeering in the Parliament hence disrupting the session and leading to the adjournment of the House.

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Agarwal brewed controversy on Wednesday when he reportedly linked the name of Hindu gods with alcohol names. However, the matter was somewhat different that what it later turned out to be.

Noteworthy that the SP leader was referring to the rising incidences of lynching in the name of cow protection, when he began narrating an incident from 1991 about him visiting a school, which was later turned into a jail. It was then that he said that he observed that on the walls of this school, names of gods were linked to some kind of alcohols.

As per a report, pointing towards the treasury bench, Agarwal then said that these lines were written by “your people”. And this immediately triggered the BJP members, who started raising slogans against Agarwal’s comment and stated that his linking name of gods to alcohol had offended people.

Soon the BJP Parliamentarian started demanding apology from him to which he reportedly said he did not owe an apology to the ‘contractors of the Hindu religion’, but later had to issue it. Observing the situation, Deputy chairman PJ Kurien stated that Agarwal should not have said what he said and emphasised that whatever Agarwal remarked was ‘per se derogatory’. He further advised Agarwal to withdraw his remark.

Reports claimed that Agarwal soon said that he withdrew his comments if it hurts anyone’s sentiment. Deputy Chairman Kurien also asked the statement to be expunged from records and requested the media not to air the statement.

Several BJP MPs protested against the remark and said that they will not let anyone insult the gods. Union Minister Arun Jaitley said that if Agarwal would have made the same comment outside the House, he would have been liable to be prosecuted.