Meerut (Uttar Pradesh), June 17: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Sangeet Som on Thursday announced to embark on a week-long “Paidal Nirbhay Yatra” across Uttar Pradesh amid claims and counter claims of exodus of Hindu families from Kairana village of Shamli district and said that he would not let the state turn into Kashmir. “To the people who are migrating from Kirana, I just want to give them a message that they are safe in Uttar Pradesh. And we will not let Uttar Pradesh turn into Kashmir,” Som told ANI.

“I want to tell them that they should stay here and not migrate. The people, who have already migrated, should realize that the a  tmosphere in the state is becoming better,” he added.  Som further assured that he would not do anything against the law.  “I won’t do anything against the law. I am a BJP leader. I always work according to the law. And even today I will abide by the law,” he added.  An eight-member BJP team visited Kairana earlier this week to review the situation in the village.(Also Read: Opposition MPs to visit Kairana, Kandhala in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday)

Hukum Singh, who had earlier reportedly said that the Hindus were being forced to leave their homes in the Muslim-majority town in Kairana, has backtracked from his claims.  Singh said earlier on Wednesday that the “migration” of Hindus from Kairana was “not communal” in nature, adding that people are leaving the region due to law and order problems and threats by goons.  According to reports, the police have ordered a probe into the alleged migration after Singh presented a list of 346 families from the Muslim-majority village while claiming that they had to leave their homes after attacks and extortion attempts.