Barasat, March 26: A 16-year-old national-level volleyball player was hacked to death by a stalker while she was practising with her friends at Notunpukur, West Bengal on Friday evening. The 20-year-old stalker used a cleaver in a broad daylight and killed the victim in a broad daylight at a practising camp.

The youth identified as Sangita Aich also known as Tina, was attacked by Subrata Sinha also known as Raja, who was furious after Aich rejected his proposal several times. Aich, a Class 9 student, had represented her state in volleyball match twice at national level and had represented her city thrice on state level.

According to police, Sinha a jilted lover arrived at Aich’s practice camp on Friday evening and forced her to speak to him. When Aich refused to talk to him, he used cleaver and stabbed her several times. The entire incident took place in front of girl volleyball players and even Aich’s coach Swapan Das was present there. (ALSO READ: Arvind Kejriwal calls on Chhattisgarh Government to nab Soni Sori’s attackers)

The coach reportedly said that he tried to save the victim and she stood behind the chair. As soon as Aich ran towards her house barely 100 metres away from the playground, she fell on ground after which the victim was hacked by Sinha. After injuring Aich, Sinha fled from the spot.

Victim’s coach said to NDTV that, “If Aich would have stayed behind me, Sinha would have to kill me first. But she tried to run, he chased and slashed her brutally”.

Some of Aich’s colleague playing volleyball fainted after watching entire incident. Locals present there were also shocked and by the time they reached to help the victim, she died on her way to hospital.

The motive behind the murder is still not ascertained but police belive it is a case of unrequited love. Family members also claimed that in past the victim was threatened by Sinha. The family claimed they also went to police officials but no action was taken by them. Aich’s father who owns a small grocery shop was in a shock and was not able to speak.

Ironically Sinha is also a national level volleyball player who was identified from his Facebook account by Coach Das. Sinha finally surrendered before the police on Saturday morning.