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Haryana police returned empty handed as even after 12 days of monitoring, they failed to enter the Satlok Ashram of godman Rampal. The controversial godman’s supporters attacked the cops, pushing them away. Rampal is holed up inside his ashram and surrounded by a human shield and his own army. Haryana high court had given his arrest order after Rampal did not respond to court summons.Let us have a closer look at the self-proclaimed godman’s life. (Read: Godman Rampal still in ashram, operation to continue till he is nabbed: Haryana DGP) Also Read - Haryana IPS Officer, Two Other Cops Booked For Abetment to Suicide of BJP Leader

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Rampal started his career as a junior engineer in Haryana government’s Irrigation department in 1977. The controversial man established Satlok Ashram in 1999 in Hisar while still being in government service, and started spreading its wings in Haryana. In 2002, he was removed from his post because of carelessness at work. He first came into the limelight when he made derogatory remarks against Swami Dayanand Saraswati. Rampal has been charged with murder and forgery while his followers are facing cases of assault and criminal intimidation.

Rampal’s Army

The Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti (RSSS) is the name of the army made by Rampal, in which men are armed with pistols and rifles. The 4,000 RSSS members guard Satlok Ashram 24×7 and are monitoring the situation from the ‘war room’ inside the Ashram. The RSSS men also have walkie-talkies. The RSSS intelligence wing also monitors police movement in Hisar.

It’s not just that he formed an army of his own, but his men also attacked the local cops when they came to arrest Rampal following the High Court order. It is very clear that Rampal’s army stopped the police from executing the court’s order.

The current situation

More than 200 people were injured and a few reportedly killed in violent clashes between Rampal supporters and the Haryana police. Rampal’s army men attacked police with bricks and petrol bombs. It is also reported that bullets were fired from the Ashram. Almost 2,000 people including women and children are still in the Ashram protecting Rampal as human wall.

Contempt of Court

Rampal never respects court orders and has skipped appearing in the court 43 times in four years. He repeatedly ignores court summons to appear for questioning in the 2006 killing of a villager by his supporters. Despite three warrants since November 5, 2014, Rampal has managed to avoid arrest with the help of his armed supporters at his ashram. Rampal’s attitude clearly shows that he considers himself above the law.

Moreover, Rampal is surrounded by women and children and his army has kept them hostage. He is using the innocent ones as a human shield and doesn’t allow them to leave the ashram.

Can you have your own ‘army’ in the country?

But the serious question that arises out of this is: How can one have a force inside the country? Isn’t it against the Constitution? It also raises question over the last Haryana government of Bhupinder Singh Hooda: Why didn’t his government take action against Rampal? Why did the then government allow him to form his own army?

Surely, Rampal has created his own state within a state where he is ruling by using his force. Attacking cops and disrespecting the court’s orders is the clear act of sedition. The need of the hour is that police must take strong action against Rampal and arrest him. The current government  of Manohar Lal Khattar should wake up.