October 25: After the Saudi Arabian embassy backed the employer of the Indian maid whose arms were chopped off by him, Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seeking his intervention in the matter. Speaking from the side of the aggrieved, Jayalalithaa requested the PM to take the matter up “at the highest level possible” and make sure that justice is done for her. She also requested the prime minister to compensate her for her injuries and suffering. Also Read: Saudi employer chops Indian employee’s hands after torturing her

Kasthuri Munirathnam, who belongs to Amma’s state, had been working as a domestic help for about three months in Saudi Arabia, when her employer allegedly chopped both her arms off. In her written request to the PM, Jayalalithaa pointed out that despite the intervention of her government and involvement of the country’s external affairs ministry, media reports suggested that Saudi police was trying to portray the incident as an accident by proving that Kasthuri’s mental state was ‘unstable’. Jaya says that according to the information Indian Embassy had recieved, Kasthuri’s mental health was ‘very stable’.

This is the full text of Jayalalithaa’s written appeal to the PM:
“I write to seek your personal intervention in the matter pertaining to the brutal attack on a poor female household worker in Saudi Arabia, Ms. Kasthuri Munirathnam, who hails from Vellore District in Tamil Nadu. As you may be aware, Ms. Kasthuri has suffered grievous injuries, including a severed arm. Her life is reportedly at risk.

“On receipt of information of this ghastly incident, on my instructions, the Government of Tamil Nadu had taken up the matter with the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. The report received from the Indian Embassy in Riyadh through the Ministry of External Affairs indicates that Ms. Kasturi had clearly stated that the injuries had been inflicted on her by her employer.
The officials of the Indian Embassy who had interacted with the doctors attending on Ms. Kasturi have stated that her mental condition had been assessed as being “very stable”.  However, recent media reports indicate that the Saudi Police are trying to project a picture as though the injuries were suffered while Ms. Kasturi tried to escape from her employer’s home and were not inflicted by the employer and also that her mental condition was not very stable.

“I reflect the concern of the family and the people of Tamil Nadu as there is an apprehension that there could be an attempt to protect her local employers and deprive the poor domestic worker of even her basic human rights. Ms. Kasturi who hails from Vellore District of Tamil Nadu had gone to Saudi Arabia to eke out a living and to support her family. Considering the circumstances of her case, the Government of India should take all steps to provide the best medical treatment to her and ensure her early and safe return to India. During the period of her stay in Saudi Arabia adequate security also needs to be provided to her.

“I request you to kindly have the matter taken up at the highest level possible so that justice is meted out to Ms. Kasturi and she is afforded the best possible medical treatment; provided with adequate financial compensation for the injuries and hardship that she has suffered and is enabled to return home safely at the earliest. I request an early response in the matter.”