New Delhi: A fresh controversy over Veer Savarkar broke out as All India Congress Seva Dal — a Congress affiliate — distributed a booklet on Savarkar in its ongoing ten-day training session in Bhopal. Titled ‘Veer Savarkar, Kitne Veer’, the book claims that there was a physical relationship between Savarkar and Gandhi assassin Nathuram Godse. Also Read - 'Veer Savarkar, Kitne Veer?' Controversial Book Says Savarkar Had Physical Relationship With Godse

“These are ridiculous allegations against former Mahasabha President Savarkarji. Similarly, we have also heard that Rahul Gandhi is homosexual,” Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha president Swami Chakrapani said. Also Read - Veer Savarkar's Grandson Seeks Criminal Action Against Rahul For ‘I am Gandhi, Not Savarkar’ Jibe

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Shiv Sena, too, took offence over the booklet. “Veer Savarkar was a great man and will remain a great man. A section keeps talking against him, it shows the dirt in their mind, whoever they might be,” MP Sanjay Raut said.

“Before Nathuram Godse adopted Bramhacharya, there is just one mention of his physical relationship. The only physical relation which Godse had before adopting Bramhacharya was a homosexual relationship with his political guru Veer Savarkar,” the booklet mentions claiming that it’s quoting from Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collin’s book ‘Freedom at Midnight’.

Seva Dal chief Lalji Desai has defended the claim, calling it “historical fact” and saying it is “important to know the reality of people presented as heroes by the BJP”. “Writer has written on the basis of evidence. That’s not important… whether he was gay or not. In our country today, everyone has a legal right to have their own preferences,” he told news agency ANI.