Prime Minister Narendra Modi will embark his two-day visit to Bangladesh from June 6. In Bangladesh, Narendra Modi will attend several programmes, which includes meeting with PM Sheikh Hasina. During Modi’s two-day visit, there will be delegation level talks and signing of agreements on crucial issues.

Narendra Modi will also join the programme to unveil the plaques for various Grant-in-Aid projects. At the Prime Minister’s Office, plaques of railway, cultural and road projects will be unveiled. Similarly, plaques for various development projects will be unveiled at the New Chancery. (Also read: Narendra Modi’s Bangladesh visit: 20 pacts on table, trade to get boost)

Ahead of his visit to the neighbouring country, Bangladeshi people – including minorities – requested Narendra Modi to save them from Sheikh Hasina-led government in their country. As soon as Modi gave details of his visit on his Facebook page, people started complaining him about Sheikh Hasina’s rule in the comment section.

“Welcome, Modi Ji to Bangladesh. Please say something to Bangladesh government during your tour about serious tyranny on Hindu community by the terrorists. If you say anything on the behalf of Bengali Hindu community that will be a cause of great change,” a Bangladeshi citizen wrote. “Welcome to Bangladesh. Mr Modi, you are representing the biggest democratic country in the world but your neighbour Bangladesh is suffering by tyrannical rule by undemocratic Sheikh Hasina. Help us to solve this issue,” another Bangladeshi commented.

Several people from minorities that mainly consists of Hindu community asked him to stop the demolition of temples in Bangladesh. “I request you to join a discussion with minority Hindu Community. In Bangladesh, thousands of temples are attacked and ruined by Muslims during last three years. In 1971, Hindus were 22% in this country, but this community is now only 9% of total population. Where they have gone?” Sajib Baidya commented.

“Modi ji welcome to Bangladesh…. And do something for us.. We, the Hindu of Bangladesh, are being tortured every day. Our home, temple are being destroyed by the Muslim terrorist. Please do something for the existence of Hindu in Bangladesh,” Shuvo Ghosh asked PM Modi. In every country in the world, minority people are being exploited by the majority.