#SaveChandni: Neck-deep in poverty Chandni Rajgaur from Vadodara puts herself up for sale on Facebook Also Read - With Dream of 'Rape-Free' India, Nagaland Citizens Begin Campaign to Offer Women Free Rides at Night

Neck-deep in poverty Chandni Rajgaur from Vadodara took to a very drastic step on social media to get over her suffering. Chandni Rajgaur took to her Facebook profile and tried to sell herself online. The woman seeked help through her body to get over poverty. With old ailing parents and she was left helpless. So she took to the social media and tried to sell her dignity online. Her mother has been paralyzed and her father is bedridden after suffering from an accident. With no one to seek help and no means to provide for the family she took the dire step to sell her dignity. Also Read - Trump Claims 'COVID-19 Less Lethal Than Flu'; Facebook, Twitter Swing to Action

She posted a picture with her contact number that said, “Chandni rajgaur BIKAU he apne maa baap ke liye maa lakwa ke karan ashaye he pita ka pani n ane ke karan pair fisal jane se tut gaya ak week pahle ghur chalane or maa baap ki seva me hur waqt hajiri hmari jarurat ho gayi so kuchh sahara nahi he so ye bharat ki bati ke paas ak hi chij baki he khudko bech dena so sampark kare chandni bikau he ……7359725345 chandni.” Also Read - 22-Year-Old Delhi Man Uploads Video on Facebook Before Hanging Himself

Although even after taking this drastic step, she confessed that most of the people who contacted her tried not to help her but rather approached to exploit her. Not much is known about Chandni but her Facebook profile says that she studied at M.S University and works for the Bharatiya Janata Party.

But after this post was all over the internet the chairperson of Gujarat State Commission For Women, Lilaben Ankolia assured her that the civil hospitals in Gujarat will provide medical help for her parents and she can approach the commission for help.