New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected the plea to conduct elections through ballot papers and not EVMs. The PIL was seeking a directive to the Election Commission of India (ECI) to conduct the 2019 General Election and state assembly polls with ballot system or papers instead of Electronic Voting Machines.

Considering the possible tamperings with the EVMs, the petitioners contended that the ballot system is a more transparent medium to conduct the polling. NGO ‘Nyay Bhoomi’ contended that electronic voting machines are capable of being misused and they should not be used in the polls to ensure free and fair elections. However, the bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi rejected the contention. While dismissing the PIL, the bench observed, “Every system and machine is capable to be used and misused. Doubts will be everywhere.”

On September 18, the Election Commission told the Supreme Court that the commission was established using voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) machines in 843 Assembly constituencies across states. EC stated that there were no glitches in the functioning of electronic voting machines. The statement came in the wake of allegations by Opposition parties that tampering in electronic voting machines had occurred in several recent elections.

With the help of Paper trail or VVPAT machines, voters can verify if their vote had been registered to the candidate intended.

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