Chennai: In a tale encompassing crime and compassion, a teenager was saved from wandering off the wrong path in life by a good samaritan cop.Also Read - Chandigarh Lockdown: COVID19 Guidelines on Containment Measures Extended Till August 31 | Details Here

The incident took place in Chennai where a mobile phone snatching case turned out to be a schoolboy’s story of longing for education and helplessness. Also Read - IRCTC Latest News: Southern Railways Plans to Operate More Workmen Special Trains In Chennai From Aug 2 | Full List Here

It so happened that a 13-year-old corporation school student, whose father works in a biscuit shop and mother as a domestic help, was forced to join two criminals as he was unable to get a cellphone to attend his online classes. Also Read - Bucket List These Lesser-Known Road Trip Destinations to Explore With Your Squad This Friendship Day

His parents were poor and could not afford to buy a new mobile phone, said police.

The two criminals from the boy’s neighborhood found him dillydallying during school hours and decided to lure him with an offer of a cellphone so as to make him join their snatching drives. They thought having the boy with them would be helpful in avoiding suspicion and even if they were caught, they would be let off easily for the boy’s sake.

Fortunately, a kind-hearted policeman found the boy and after hearing his story, bought him a new cellphone so that he could attend his online classes and go on to become an educated man.