New Delhi, Jan 15: Days after Union Minister Satyapal Singh claimed that Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was scientifically wrong, scientists shot off a letter to the HRD ministry, titled ‘In support of evolution’ and stated that the minister was factually incorrect. “We, the scientists, science communicators and scientifically oriented members of public, are deeply pained by your claim. It is factually incorrect to state that the evolutionary principle has been rejected by the scientific community. On the contrary, every new discovery adds support to Darwin’s insights,” the letter read. Also Read - 500 Academicians, Scientists Write to Environment Ministry For Withdrawal of Draft EIA Notification

“The statement claiming Vedas had answers to all questions is exaggerated and insult to genuine research work on the history of Indian scientific traditions. When a minister working for Human Resource Development in the country makes such claims, it harms the scientific community’s efforts to propagate scientific thoughts and rationality through critical education and modern scientific research,” it said. Also Read - Any More Surprises Left For 2020? Neptune-Like Planet Discovered Using Data From NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

Amitabh Joshi, an evolutionary biologist at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research in Bengaluru, read in the minister’s statement a “cavalier disregard” for the established scientific norms, and also termed it “illogical”. Also Read - Scientists Detect Previously Unknown Structures Beneath Pacific Ocean Basin Near Earth's Core

Speaking to Times of India, an eminent radio astronomer Govind Swarup said,”As a scientist, I am totally shocked. Over the last 100 years, since Darwin, a great deal of research has been done regarding evolution of life on earth based on solid scientific evidence. The minister’s lack of knowledge is shocking.”

Earlier on Saturday, Singh said that our ancestors nowhere mentioned that they saw ape turning into a man. “Darwin’s theory is scientifically wrong and needs to be changed in schools and colleges. Since the time, a man was seen on earth, he has been a man and will remain a man,” the IPS officer-turned-politician had stated.

What is Charles Darwin’s Theory?

The theory developed by Darwin states that all species of organisms that arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations help to increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive and reproduce. Darwin, an English naturalist is best known for his contributions to the science of evolution.