New Delhi: A day after a rather unceremonious exit of Jyotiraditya Scindia from the Congress, Madhya Pradesh Congress leader Digvijaya Singh took to Twitter and replied to many comments, tweets concerning the future of both the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh and Scindia —albeit with sarcasm. Also Read - 'He Waited and Waited', Cousin Shares Behind-The-Scene Story of Jyotiraditya And Rahul Gandhi on Social Media

“He sees a great Future for India under Modi-Shah Govt when our Banks are collapsing our ₹ is plummeting our Economy is in shambles and our Social Fabric is being destroyed. So be it. I agree with Pawan he should replace Amit Shah or Nirmala Seetharaman and knowing his talent he would certainly do a better job than either of them. May he grow under ModiShah Tutelage. Our best wishes to you Maharaj,” the Congress leader tweeted. Also Read - Not Being Able to Serve People Within Congress, Writes Jyotiraditya Scindia in His Resignation Letter to Sonia Gandhi

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This is in regards to Congress leader Pawan Khera’s comment on a television debate where Pawan said that the Congress didn’t have the responsibility to retain Scindia. Scindia too owed to the party that made him so powerful.

‘Nothing Moved Without His Consent in Gwalior’

Countering allegations that Scindia was being sidelined in the party being dominated by Kamal Nath and Digvijaya Singh, Singh alleged that in the last 16 months, nothing moved in his area without his consent.

‘Godse Was Given the Revolver by One From Gwalior’

Picking up a tweet of a Congress MP, Digvijaya Singh wrote, “His Family has been with Hindu Mahasabha till 1957 then Pt Nehru brought Late Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindhia to Congress and she became MP in 57 and 62 and left Congress in 67. She was a Gem of a person and I have the greatest regard for her.”

“Also the revolver by which Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi was given to him by one Parchure from Gwalior. Need to do some more research about who was Parchure,” he wrote.

Soon after Scindia sent his resignation letter to Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi, the party expelled him for anti-party activities.