Beijing, June 12: China is expecting to resolve differences between India and Pakistan through Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO Summit). In 2017, Pakistan and India became members of a group of six nations including China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan that constitute SCO.

“We know there are existing and historical unresolved conflicts between Pakistan and India. But I think after they joined the SCO, maybe we can provide a better platform and opportunities for the building of relations between them,” Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi was quoted as telling in an interview with CGTN, China’s national broadcaster.

China’s statement becomes crucial because Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday hinted that India is not able to improve its relation with China because of Pakistan. Narendra Modi, while speaking at SCO Summit on Sunday, said that infrastructure programmes should be carried out keeping in mind the need to “respect the sovereignty” of member states; it was a reference to China’s Belt and Road Initiative which passes through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

India also said “no” to China’s Belt and Road project, while Narendra Modi and Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain merely shook hands on the final day of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit in Qingdao city.

India, which participated at the Chinese-led security bloc for the first time after being inducted into the grouping last year, did not figure in the list of rest of the member states endorsing Beijing’s Belt and Road initiative in the joint declaration.