New Delhi: Passengers travelling via Greater Noida’s Aqua line metro encountered trouble for over an hour on Wednesday morning as they were blocked from entering the metro station owing to the strike launched by security guards over non-payment of salary.

The security guards, employees of the private security company Ironman, went on a strike on Wednesday morning. The passengers travelling from the metro line had no prior information about the strike and were blocked from entering the metro station at Sector-83.

As per Zee News sources, the security guards have not received their salaries for two months which made it difficult for them to keep up with household expenses.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the operation of two trains on Delhi Metro’s Yellow Line was affected for nearly four hours due to a technical malfunction. The snag was reported Qutub Minar and Sultanpur around 9:30 AM and the services were restored by 1:30 PM. During the malfunction, nearly six thousand passengers were troubled.

A Delhi Metro Railway Corporation (DMRC) spokesperson stated the reason as “tripping of power supply”. It took almost two hours for the DMRC officials to de-board and rescue the passengers who were suffocating in the compartments with no air-conditioning.

The DMRC evacuated around 2,600 passengers from the train to Qutub Minar at 11:10 am, while the remaining 3,000 in the second train were moved to Chhatarpur station at 11:27 am, after being stuck for more than two hours. The incident has been listed under the top figures of Delhi Metro’s history.