Mumbai: Shiv Sena has now taken on the monsoon and its reportage. In its latest editorial, the Sena, in its mouthpiece Saamna, has spoken about how the monsoon is covered by media, blaming the latter for being selective in its reportage.

It said, “Monsoon is now active in every area of ​​Maharashtra.  Three weeks late, but the cloud of monsoons now surround all the districts of the state. There is torrential rain in Konkan, Mumbai and Thane.”

The editorial points out that just like there is alleged discrimination in development, even monsoon reportage gives preference to some areas over the others. “Rainfall is particularly weak in Marathwada, Vidarbha and North Maharashtra. Light and moderate storms sometimes occur and soak the soil and disappear within half an hour,” it said.

What it translates into, it said, was that just like “territorial discrimination by the system in the context of development, the nature has also begun the vicious cycle of regional imbalance in the matter of rain”.

It pointed out how there is no “such uncertainty of rain in Mumbai. Due to being on the edge of the sea, once rain starts, it does not stop”. Water-starved region like Marathwada pines for Mumbai-like rains, it said.

“The first rain started on Friday night (last) and soaked Konkan and Mumbai. The storm and the rising waves in the ocean may be a centre of attraction for the entire country but it is not so for Mumbaikars who are plagued with various problems associated with incessant rains.”

In Mumbai, 234 mm rain was recorded on Saturday. This is the second such record in the past ten years. “According to the laws of nature, the lower regions are flooded by continuous rain and the water level comes down as rain peters off,” it said.

Attacking the media, the editorial said while some reporters may bring ‘breaking news’ by visiting a few places and crying themselves hoarse over waterlogging, nobody bothers to show how the collected water is removed in the shortest period possible and the kind of hard work that goes into achieving that.

The rainfall in Mumbai and Konkan is awaited in other areas of Maharashtra. The monsoon rain may have reached all the districts but is still not enough for sowing. The ground water level is still the same. Despite the rains, the number of water tankers being deployed in many regions of the state, including Marathwada, has shot up and should be a matter of concern.