Bhopal: Senior Madhya Pradesh officer, who has written several novels, including one on underworld don Abu Salem, has been looking for a new name for his book to hide his Muslim identity.

Niyaz Ahmed Khan, a bureaucrat, said that new name is a must to save himself from the sword of hate.

“The new name will save me from the violent crowd. If I have no topi, no kurta and no beard I can get away easily by telling my fake name to the crowd. However, if my brother is wearing traditional clothes and has a beard he is in the most dangerous situation,” tweeted Niyaz.

He also asked the Bollywood actors of the Muslim community to start finding a new name to project their movies.

“Now even the top stars movies have started to flop. They should understand the meaning,” said Khan.

In January this year, Khan had said that he was discriminated amongst other officers and was made to feel like an untouchable.

“In Guna district, I exposed the biggest ODF scam of the country and brutalities against Saharia tribes. Got built 600 Muktidhams and results: I was sent in loop line and guilty officers were given a better opportunity to work. What sort of justice is this?” he had tweeted.