New Delhi: Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Saturday said that  the Narendra Modi government is ready to talk to Shaheen Bagh protesters if a request is made in a ‘structured’ manner. Notably, a large number of women, most of them mothers and grandmothers from the neighbourhood, are sitting on a street in Shaheen Bagh for over a month now in the longest continuous protest against the amended citizenship legislation.Also Read - Delhi Assembly Election 2020: People of Delhi Will Vacate Both Shaheen Bagh And CM Residence, Tweets Kapil Mishra

“The government is ready to talk to protesters of Shaheen Bagh but then it should be in a structured form and the Narendra Modi government is ready to communicate with them and clear all their doubts they have against CAA,” Prasad said on Twitter.

He also shared a video clip of himself responding a question on the ongoing protest.

Earlier Prasad had claimed that the  ‘tukde-tukde’ gang was supporting the ongoing agitation at Shaheen Bagh. Accusing the protesters of suppressing the views of a ‘peaceful majority’, the Union Minister had asserted that uncovering the true face of Shaheen Bagh in front of the country is very important.

“Shaheen Bagh is not an area anymore, it is an idea, where the Indian flag is being used as a cover for the people who want to divide the country, it is being supported by tukde-tukde gang”, the law minister had said last week.