New Delhi: A day after saying that the Congress must elect a leader to energise its workers and inspire voters, party member Shashi Tharoor on Sunday said that the grand old party must fix its leadership issue on top priority. He also said that solving the party leadership issue is crucial for the party’s revival. Also Read - For Some Bhakts...: Shashi Tharoor Has a Message For Many on This Maha Shivratri

Saying that Rahul Gandhi should take a call to return as Congress chief, Tharoor said if that is not happening then the part needs to think about an active and full-time leadership as a result the party can move forward. Also Read - 'Energise Workers': Shashi Tharoor's Renewed Appeal to Congress on Holding Leadership Elections

The Kerala MP, who last week also gave a call for elections in the party to choose a leader, said the process of electing a leader will usher in a dynamic leadership team with a credible mandate to work together to address the organisational challenges. Also Read - British MP Deported: 'Pak Proxy,' Says Abhishek Singhvi While Shashi Tharoor Condemns Move

“The immediate cause of worry for many of us is that there appears to be a growing perception in the eyes of the public that we, as a political entity, are adrift,” Tharoor told PTI.

Saying that the lack of proper leadership is making voters towards considering other political options, he said the most recent example of this was seen in Delhi Assembly Election 2020.

“This is where the compelling case for urgently addressing this perception in the eyes of the public comes from — and for that matter, changing the attitude of the media, which is repeatedly writing us off dismissively,” Tharoor said.

He said, for this reason, Congress needs to fix the current leadership issues. “We need to start with a longer-term, as opposed to interim, Congress president, as well as the ‘elected’ membership of the Working Committee,” the Congress MP said.

Tharoor also said the repeated question of ‘Gandhi or non-Gandhi’ as party president was missing the wood for the trees.

“The larger concern and the need of the hour is to find a new president and leadership, and I am confident that if we do so through a participatory, transparent and democratic electoral process internally, the workers will at the end of the day throw their might and energy behind whoever emerges as the winning candidate,” he said.